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Casa offers indoor and outdoor workshops for kids in art and design year-round in Hampden, Baltimore. Join our summer pods or call on us to create a unique experience or workshop series for your group.


Our program is inspired by Maria Montessori herself and the creative process where inspiration (coming up with ideas) is followed by generation (bringing ideas to life). Our Artful Living series is part Mary Poppins, part Andy Warhol, with a dash of ancient world. Our founder, Ms. Kim created the program as a gift to her children, and she offers it now to yours.


Our response to CoVid


Dear Students, Friends, and Neighbors, 


We are thrilled to re-open our summer programs this year in the artful neighborhood of Hampden in Baltimore, MD. Thankfully our size is our strength and our love for nature time is our sword as we re-open in conditions still affected by the CoVid pandemic. We will be increasing our cleanliness protocol and adjusting our meal prep and enjoyment to ensure the safest summer we can for our students and their families.


This summer we will travel back in time as we create work, explore cultures and times far away from our own, and read and write at our leisure. We will work together and independently to build our handiwork skills and develop our creative problem-solving minds. 


In our workshops, your kids will develop their interests with guidance, support, and care. We believe in the process and what it teaches, it is this creative path that we follow alongside our students, allowing for enrichment at every step and discovery. I look forward to welcoming back our community and making new friends in Hampden. Thank you all for the warm welcome.



Sincerely yours,

Ms. Kim 


Our Mission


Ignite young minds to explore our world and find ways to enrich life everywhere.


Meet your teachers.

Kim Jensen

Creator and Co-founder

Design, Arts and Crafts, Yoga and Living, Cooking


Ms. Kim shares her passions with her students, both young and old by providing workshops rooted in the creative process she loves so much. She is a certified yoga instructor with a big design habit, who really only wants to be in a country band. That's kim in a nut shell, and her heart is half Greek and half Korean she says. Kim has lived and worked in South Kore extensively since 2003, and South East Asia, and Greece for a spell. The cultural landscapes she encountered over these years informs her work. California-born and raised, Kim grew up first on a farm and then moved to Southern California to where the missions were. Her favorite field trip as a child was to the Mission in Malibu where she made adobe bricks in the sun. Kim is California through and through with a splash of her favorite places around the world. This is what she brings to this program, a trip around the world, well, almost.


During the day, Kim is designing or producing for Broth and Stone, her home kitchen workshop and event space in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore. 


Kelly Brown

Co-founder, Montessori Teacher, Elementary level
Certified Forest Bathing Guide


Taught in a bilingual and racially diverse school setting while growing up in suburban Ohio, Kelly gained an international worldview and appreciation that led to grad school and a career teaching Elementary ages in DC-area Montessori schools. A love of naturalism and guided walks at the USBG and Rock Creek Park inspired training and forest therapy certification just this past summer in Sonoma, CA (Google: shin rin yoku). Over the years, leading after-school tutoring, birdwatching clubs, percussion classes, and French lessons have helped round out students’ daily lives, while supporting families, and growing as an educator.


What parents say

“My kids had so much fun working on the Pojagi project with Ms. Kim. It doesn't matter where your kid stands on the fine motor skills, she has "the touch" when teaching kids to sew. The work shows their individual uniqueness. The fabrics used were authentic and the result, priceless.”

Youngsun Kwon, mother


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