Ages 4-12

Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 3:00pm

Aftercare available. Sibling discount 2/$650

Enjoy an alternative to the overstimulating world of summer camps with our museum-quality 5-day workshops focused on developing creative skills and life knowledge through handiwork with nature. Here kids spend their time in creative pursuits making meaningful work. Reading, writing, and math emerge organically throughout the creative process as students find inspiration from ancient civilizations. Developed as a gift for her own children, long-time art educator and designer Kim Jensen turns summer into a space for exploration and personal growth.

of Africa 

The ancient civilization of Egypt kicks off our first week and begins the path of our exploration into ancient times.Kids will enjoy designing and making keepsakes inspired by this dynamic time and place. We will balance cultural learning with outdoor play and percussion workshops.

Philosophy, Myth,
and Justice 

Kids will explore the ancient world of Greece in this special week of classical studies. We will learn about the Greek gods and their mythical stories - exploring in depth the tale of Persephone and the four seasons. The week culminates with a Greek drama. 

Ancient Arts 
of Korea


Share in Ms. Kim’s deep love for Korean culture. Kids will learn the ancient art of pojagi quilting, the joy of the tea ceremony, and the science of fermentation. Students will make their very own pojagi from imported Korean linen and produce 50 lbs. of  Kimchi to share with their families. 

Explore India, 
Cultivate Sangha 

Kids will learn about India and  the eight limbs of yoga in a nurturing and fun environment through reading, art, movement, and ritual. Special workshops will include henna, yoga of many forms, Indian cooking, affirmation setting, and journaling/artmaking. 

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