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Ages 4-12

Here kids spend their days learning and exploring in a home environment. Children work together to build community and develop independent interests with dedicated and passionate teachers.

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Kids explore the art of printmaking with a hands-on introduction to block printing, color theory, and design principles in this one-day workshop. Kids will produce their own stationary sets while we explore the lost art of letter writing together.


Tea and materials included

SaturdaysBlock Printing


Healthy living, grace, and courtesy inspire this special one-day cooking workshop. Kids will learn to make traditional Korean meals like Kimchi Pancakes, Vegetarian Kimbop, and Black Sesame Porridge.


Tea and meal included


Korean Cooking

Kids will make museum-quality Pojagi, an ancient art form from Korea in this two-day workshop. Students will work with traditional Korean linen while exploring Korean culture through food, books, music, and art.

Daily 9am-3pm

Tea, lunch, and materials included

School days off: Ancient Korea

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