Ages 4-12
M-F 9:00am-3:00pm

Meals and tea ceremony included

Aftercare available

Enjoy an alternative to the over stimulating world of summer camps with our museum quality 5-day workshops focused on developing skills and knowledge through work with nature, food, culture, and art. Here kids spend their days learning and exploring in a home environment right on the bay. Children work together to build community and develop independent interests with dedicated and passionate teachers. Meals are vegetarian and organic (Mom and dad, our student clean their bowls every time!)


Footprints of

 Kids explore the origins of planet earth through hands on research of the human life that walked from the African continent. Music, art, and food combine to balance cultural learning with outdoor play and percussion workshops on the shore of our 2020 campus. 


Philosophy, Myth, and Justice 

Kids will be inspired by the great thinkers of the past in this special week of classical studies. Small group lessons will lead our group to build soft skills in social-emotional learning and dramatic art expression. The week culminates with a Greek drama performed and filmed in the park. 


Ancient Arts 
of Korea - Part 1 


Share in Ms. Kim’s love of the Korean culture. Kids will learn the art of pojagi quilting, the joy of the tea ceremony, and the science of fermentation. Students will make their very own pojagi from imported Korean linen and produce 50 lbs. of  Kimchi to share with their families. 


Make Friends, Cultivate Sangha 

Kids learn together about the eight limbs of yoga in a nurturing and fun environment designed for expression through movement, words, and ritual. Special workshops include henna, acro yoga, Indian cooking, affirmation setting, and journaling. 


Ancient Arts
of Korea - Part 2 

This week is a continuation of the week before. The beautiful art of pojagi takes time. Kids will continue their work this week and more recipes and stories of ancient Korea will be explored.

Attendance in Part 1 is not required but is strongly encouraged.


Climbing the
Inca Trail 

Kids ascend on a journey to explore the Americas. Lessons of Peru and the Amazon River basin inspire art projects, geography and finish with a handmade native plant journal. Maps and timelines will lead us across the continents as we weave together indigenous histories and wisdom. 


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